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yvonne on the trailANNE'S STORY

Anne is 90 and lives in Fulham.

"In 1942, I volunteered for the RAF Nursing Service. We were posted as we were needed. In January 1945, I went over to Brussels. It was a small unit of sisters and doctors and nursing orderlies.

We had to do all the work on the airfield (like Heathrow where all the planes are). The Army would bring the wounded from the Front Line to our airfield. They were left on the stretchers and put on to trestle tables - there were rows and rows and rows.  

 a model dakota
Anne had a model Dakota to show us

While they were with us we treated them. If they needed any surgery done or any dressings done, we did those. We had a little theatre for operations in a tent. I went around giving out the penicillin. Some had blood transfusions.

There was one Red Cross person who used to go round giving them the 'goodies', like biscuits and cigarettes.

Some of the injuries were very serious and you had to get them back to base. There was a team of men to load the stretchers on to the plane. The plane we used was a Dakota. They were taken back to the hospital in Brussels. Sometimes they were taken back to Britain.

baby hat
Made by Anne for the premature
babies at Queen Charlotte. "I've
only started knitting for them in the
last 5 years. Premature babies
didn't use to survive."

It depended on how much they were wounded. I don't want to frighten you, but arms and legs were blown off during the war.

When we were moved to Germany, we were on enemy territory. We lived in tents, just big enough to take four of us. We had canvas baths. You just sat in it and did the best you could.

All the time you could hear the planes going over. We were really quite close to the Front Line and you got an idea of how the War was going.

There is no glory in war at all."

shaving private ryan
Shaving Private Ryan: "He was struggling to shave with one arm, so I shaved him instead." Anne

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