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violet andf lilian in the classroomVIOLET & LILIAN'S STORY

Violet was born on December 10 th 1926 in Fulham and Lilian, her sister, on November 24 th 1925.   They have lived in Fulham all their lives.

"We were on holiday in Ramsgate with Mum and Dad when war was declared.   We still finished the week's holiday out".

They were 14 when they started work. They both worked in the Osram Factory at Brook Green, where Tesco now stands.

"We stayed there until after we were married.   It was called work of national importance. We made aircraft radio valves and learned how to spot weld.   It was piece work which meant you had to make so many in an hour.   It was jolly hard work.  

violet and lilian on the trailIt was very fine work, you had to use magnifying glasses and do the spot welding with tweezers.   

You either went into the factory or you went into the Forces or the Land Army.   Our Mum and Dad didn't want us to go into the Forces".

Violet told us:
"When we worked at Osram's and the air raids were on, we used to have to get under the bench because you didn't have time to go down to the shelters. Of a night time we used to sleep in the Air Raid shelters.

If you went to the pictures and there was an air raid, they used to put a notice on the screen saying an air raid is in progress.   It used to say "Keep cool, calm and collected, remember you are British.   I don't know if that did any good".

inside the osram factory
Inside of the Osram Factory, early 1950s.

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